Podcast Feature: The Next Right Thing Podcast

Hello Beautiful People, I had the privilege of being featured on The Next Right Thing Podcast hosted by Emily P. Freeman. You can learn more about Emily Freeman at her website: https://emilypfreeman.com/about/ Episode #245 Voices of Lament with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and Mariah Humphries: Today I’m glad to explore a topic that doesn’t usually makeContinue reading “Podcast Feature: The Next Right Thing Podcast”

A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #GriefAND Indigenous Peoples

This season of A Sojourner’s Truth podcast is brought to you by The Voices Collection of Our Daily Bread Ministries. Find out more at experiencevoices.org. Also, check out the “Where Ya From?” Podcast. Purchase my new release from ODBM The Voices Collection, Journey to Freedom, Discovering the God of Deliverance, An Exodus Bible study.  Episode 28: #GriefAND Indigenious People featuringContinue reading “A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #GriefAND Indigenous Peoples”