Dangerous Act: Why Naming Matters

“Naming” matters. When God called Abram, he changed his name to Abraham because he would be a father of many nations. God also did a name change for Sarah, Abraham’s wife. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, signifying his struggle and the fact that he was an overcomer. Sometimes when our names don’t match ourContinue reading “Dangerous Act: Why Naming Matters”

Dangerous Act: Choosing to Name

Sometimes I believe our consciousness is numbed by the thought of a black man murdered in the streets. The picture has become common place in the news, some communities, and even the internet. Yet, for me—as a Black woman who looks at Black men and see fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, mentors, teachers, leaders, coaches, andContinue reading “Dangerous Act: Choosing to Name”

Dangerous Act: God Help Us

I just finished reading through the gospel of Matthew, and reviewing my notes from The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor Chapter 6: The Cruz made me think about the times when the disciples and religious leaders lacked compassion concerning Jesus’ work on behalf of those he loved. Matthew’s gospel records several life changing momentsContinue reading “Dangerous Act: God Help Us”