#SELMAFilm and a Leadership Challenge

Aside from Jesus and maybe the Apostle Paul, there is no leader who has inspired me more than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a young person, I heard stories about his bravery, charisma, and courageous influence. While visiting The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change year after year as a collegeContinue reading “#SELMAFilm and a Leadership Challenge”

Natasha’s Study: Giving Myself an Incomplete

While attending seminary over the past 3 ½ years, I have acquired books, lots of them actually. Some may think that seminary increases one’s learning and understanding, and it does. For me, however, seminary also revealed how much I didn’t know and how much more I need to learn. So I started buying books toContinue reading “Natasha’s Study: Giving Myself an Incomplete”

Do We Want Racial #Justice or Colorblindness?

That’s the question writer, speaker, and Multicultural Ministry Specialist, Austin Channing Brown, is asking us to ponder. ————————————————— In 1963, Civil Rights leaders organized the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. During the march there were a number of speakers and musicians, but one voice still rings in the ears of America. In hisContinue reading “Do We Want Racial #Justice or Colorblindness?”