Justice in Education for All

I’m so thankful that Megan Westra has agreed to write about a topic in which we both care deeply about. Thanks for this contribution, Megan!: Evangelical Christians often champion the ‘sanctity of life.’ This phrase typically refers only to abortion. Many Evangelicals argue that a culture that allows legal abortion does not truly value humanContinue reading “Justice in Education for All”

#Justice: A War Cry Against Gender-based Violence

It’s my honor to introduce Megan Westra as she shares her battle cry against gender-based violence and the hope she has for safe communities for all women. Welcome Megan. ——————————————————————————– I grew up idyllic and carefree in a valley just beyond the coal fields in West Virginia. I heard about abuse, I read about it,Continue reading “#Justice: A War Cry Against Gender-based Violence”