Mentor Highlight: General John Allen, USMC (Ret.)

I am so humbled by the people God has allowed to enter my life and shape me as a person and as a leader. One of those persons is General John Allen, U.S .Marine Corps (Retired). General Allen was the Deputy Commandant of Midshipmen while I was a midshipman at the Naval Academy. He andContinue reading “Mentor Highlight: General John Allen, USMC (Ret.)”

Mentoring: Are you available?

I’m a “check list” kind of girl. I write checklists so that I am productive, but also because I am quick forgetful. Every Sunday evening, I sit down at my desk to determine what I need to prioritize and get done in the upcoming week. I outline the entire week, including the reading and writingContinue reading “Mentoring: Are you available?”

Mentoring: Why is Setting Expectations so Difficult?

I am having interesting online discussions about mentoring which made me reflect on the commitments and expectations of both mentors and mentees. Today, we will discuss the importance of the expectations and commitment that a mentor has for their mentees. Perhaps nothing frustrates a mentor more than investing in the life of another, only toContinue reading “Mentoring: Why is Setting Expectations so Difficult?”