Mentoring: Why is Setting Expectations so Difficult?

I am having interesting online discussions about mentoring which made me reflect on the commitments and expectations of both mentors and mentees. Today, we will discuss the importance of the expectations and commitment that a mentor has for their mentees. Perhaps nothing frustrates a mentor more than investing in the life of another, only toContinue reading “Mentoring: Why is Setting Expectations so Difficult?”

Mentoring in the Marketplace

The professional perspective: Chapter 5 of Sheryl Sandberg’s national bestseller, Lean In, is titled, “Are You My Mentor?” Sheryl begins by discussing the dread of having a stranger ask her to be their mentor. Then she quickly transitions to the necessity of having mentors and sponsors if professional advancement is desired. In her words: “TheyContinue reading “Mentoring in the Marketplace”

The President has Spoken & A Way Up for African American Boys

The Washington Post released the following statement given by President Obama. In it, the President deliberately stated that we must do something to change the trajectory of our African American boys. To that end, I felt it important to repost a summary of the mini-series I published titled, “A Way Up for African American Boys.” I have several purposes for this series: 1) providing education and increasing awareness, 2) challenging everyone that each of us can do something about this issue, and 3) reflecting a realistic and positive image of Black boys and men in America. Let’s talk about it.