How to Create Safe Spaces

Times are hard. The cultural and social climate in America right now is more polarized than I have ever seen in my adult life. Everything is political. And when everything is political, people can easily forget how to respond in a civil manner. Without thinking, we can become angry or defensive, be too passive or aggressive or both, we quickly forget that there is more than one way to respond, conclude, or think about things, and we most certainly can forget the characteristic of compassion. This is what life is like in America right now.

The toxic environment of name calling, shouting, and ignoring the other has now become the norm, and that toxicity has infiltrated the church. At a time when it could be healing to draw near to others, as we draw near to Christ, we are actually pulling away and retreating to the places where we feel most comfortable, or worse, to the lonely place of isolation because we simply don’t want to deal with others.

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Busy Schedules

Mentoring Mondays

Busy Schedules. Let’s face it, nobody has time to mentor. Mentoring, when done correctly, is an investment of one’s time. And to invest that time, both the mentor and mentee need to see the priority and benefit.


Let’s begin with the basics and simple facts. No one person has more time allotted than any other person. We all get the same 24 hours/day and how we use that time is often a matter of our priorities and our stewardship, more so than our ability.

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False Starts

Mentoring Mondays

I had the pleasure of enjoying fellowship with a small group of women this weekend. We talked about “Mentor for Life,” the church and culture, learning how to love, and the importance of training leaders. Several questions came back to this basic concern, “I want to follow Jesus, and those around me want to follow Jesus, we just don’t know what to do about making disciples. We don’t know how to encourage or equip others to follow Jesus.”
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