#ASojournersTruth podcast: Peer Mentoring

We are publishing the last episode of “A Sojourner’s Truth” podcast, Season 2 with a conversation about peer mentoring. I am having this conversation with my dear friend, sister, and peer mentor, Lieutenant Colonel (select) NaTasha Everly. You can SUBSCRIBE on iTunesSpotify, and SoundCloud.

NaTasha Everly is a native of North Carolina and graduate of the United States Naval Academy. She has served 17 years in the Marine Corps and traveled all over the world. NaTasha is married to an another active duty Marine and they have 3 young children (6, 3, 1). In her past time, NaTasha enjoys spending quality time with her family, volunteering and organizing non-profit events, reading (or rather listening to audio books), watching movies, and cultivating meaningful relationships with new and old friends.

In this episode, we answer some of your mentoring questions from throughout the season. I recommend checking out Truth’s Table season, “Are You Okay, Sis,” to get practical tips and expert input on mentoring those with mental illness.


The Mentor Leader: Secrets to Building People and Teams that Win Consistently by Tony Dungy

Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us about the Business of Life by James Kerr

There are several mentoring resources, opportunities for mentoring coaching and consulting, and free downloadable tools available on my website: www.natashasrobinson.com.

Thank you for joining us for Season 2! We look forward to returning in the fall/winter with a new season and other important leadership and culture conversations.


Hispanic_CaucusSuspicion. Illegal. Alien. These are the lens in which many Hispanic Americans are approached. I would venture to say that whenever people think about immigration, their minds automatically focus on the Hispanic population and particularly those who are from Mexico. We know, as some of our interviews have already revealed however, that people are migrating to this country all of the time, both legally and illegally.

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HOT TOPIC: A Way Up for African-American Boys Part 3


We have: Part 1 – Identified the Issues, and discussed the importance of Part 2 – Making an Impact & Sharing Jesus.  Now we are taking a look at how men can be part of the solution as mentors.

LT Marlon Terrell, U.S. Navy

Marlon Terrell is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy (USNA).  We attended the preparatory school together in 1997, and I’m honored to have him as a classmate, brother, and friend.  He graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Systems Engineering, and has a Masters of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Leadership Education & Development from the University of Maryland College Park.  He currently serves as an Active Duty Reservist Submariner and a Nuclear Officer Programs Recruiter.  Marlon has a passion for mentoring young men.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this interview are those of Marlon Terrell as a private citizen and do not reflect the views of the United States Navy or military service at large.

1. What is mentoring?  Why is it important to address mentoring in this series?
Mentoring is taking someone under your wing and providing them with guidance that will help them succeed in a specific area.  It is clear Continue reading “HOT TOPIC: A Way Up for African-American Boys Part 3”