Mentoring: Casting a Vision

Almost everyone I talk to agrees that mentoring is a great idea. The number one question I am often asked is, “How do you get people to do it?” My answer is quite simple: You must be captivated by your own vision. Oftentimes people don’t take the next step to get involved with mentoring becauseContinue reading “Mentoring: Casting a Vision”

Author, Carolyn Custis James, reviews “Mentor for Life”

It isn’t every day a former Marine officer and U.S. Naval Academy graduate steps up to mentor women in the church. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson has done exactly that in her excellent book, Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship. Lest anyone get the wrong idea, this book does not contain anything like the gruelingContinue reading “Author, Carolyn Custis James, reviews “Mentor for Life””

Leadership: The Diaspora of Minorities in White Evangelicalism

Lonely and displaced. That’s how I sometimes feel as an African American leader who is called to serve within the white evangelical culture. I know the feeling all too well when dialoging with seminarians, participating in Christian conferences, writing for Christian publications, or even attending predominately white and multicultural churches. Too often, this experience revealsContinue reading “Leadership: The Diaspora of Minorities in White Evangelicalism”