Race Matters: Let’s Go to the Movies

There has been a lot of chatter about race, racism, and racial reconciliation over the past few weeks. In our media driven and social connections, it is so easy to follow the latest trends and then forget why we were initially outraged in the first place. We forget that God is outraged too, and weContinue reading “Race Matters: Let’s Go to the Movies”

Coffee Talk: Black Women We Should Be Talking About #BettyandCoretta

The internet has been ablaze this week talking about Black women. Most of the discussions surround the Super Bowl features of Jennifer Hudson leading the Sandy Hook Elementary choir in the pre-game show, Alicia Keys’ rendition of the National Anthem (She kept it low key and accompanied herself on piano.), and of course the infamousContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Black Women We Should Be Talking About #BettyandCoretta”