#RacialRec: Voice # 2 ~ American Indian

To prepare for my racial reconciliation independent study, I read Dr. Rodney Cooper’s book entitled, We Stand Together: Reconciling Men of Different Color. I appreciate the insight provided by the men of different ethnicities. Each chapter closes with a summary of what the featured race or ethnicity can do, and what those approaching people fromContinue reading “#RacialRec: Voice # 2 ~ American Indian”

#RacialRec: Voice 1 ~ American Indian

I had to reach out to my network to make contact with someone who could share the unique perspective of American Indians. According to this interviewee, there are approximately four million Indians remaining in America. According to my reading, “there are more than five hundred federally recognized tribes, plus more than fifty other tribal entitiesContinue reading “#RacialRec: Voice 1 ~ American Indian”