“A Sojourner’s Truth” Podcast is Back!

Hello Beautiful People!

I am thrilled to release the first episode of Season 2 of “A Sojourner’s Truth” podcast. This season we will focus on the theme: Mentoring!

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I kick off the season with my dear friends, colleagues, and founding directors of my nonprofit, Leadership LINKS, Inc. as we talk about cultivating a mentoring community.

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Introducing Ms. QuaWanna Bannarbie, Mr. Davede Alexander, and Admiral Arthur Johnson, Jr. (U.S. Navy,Retired).

Board of Directors_Web View
Founding Directors in the early days, at the end of our first pilot leadership summer program in 2015. From L to R: Admiral Arthur Johnson, Jr., me, Dr. Tracey Nicole Hayes, CDR Tasya Lacy, Mrs. QauWanna Bannarbie, and Mr. Davede Alexander.

Mrs. QuaWanna Bannarbie has over 15 years of professional writing experience in both the corporate and private sectors, specializing in administrative correspondence in support of non-profit start-ups and public service agencies. She is an Adjunct Professor of Nonprofit Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Mr. Davede Alexander is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Innovo Strategic Solutions. Throughout his career he has conceptualized and developed ongoing, popular, leadership programs for organizations such as the U. S. Marine Corps, the U. S. Naval Academy, and the Ron Burton Training Village.

Admiral Arthur Johnson, Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Destiny Aviation Services, LLC.  After leading and commanding at all levels in the U.S. Navy for 33 years, he now seeks to broaden the nation’s pool of aviation professionals through various aviation and education initiatives.

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Touching the Holy: Ordinariness, Self Esteem, and Friendship by Robert J. Wicks

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How are you cultivating a mentoring community? How have you benefited from a mentoring community?

Refuse to do Nothing: Your Relationship Power #HumanTrafficking

Chapter 13: You Have Relationship Power

Hi Folks, We have a very short chapter to review this week. The concept is simple. Healthy relationships are filled with love and are mutually beneficial. Our relationships are for our personal benefit and for the benefit of those in which we are called into relationship. Through relationships, we are called to sharpen and encourage each other in our spiritual walk, thought processes, decision-making, and personal and professional growth. Our relationships matter.

"Refuse to do Nothing" Human Trafficking Education & Awareness Part III (Photo courtesy to Sunset Hills Photography)
“Refuse to do Nothing” Human Trafficking Education & Awareness Part III (Photo courtesy to Sunset Hills Photography)

What makes women’s relationship powerful is our natural bent toward win-win, consensus building and ensuring the inclusion of others. In our globally connected world women are natural change agents—whether in local community development where helping one woman impacts an entire community to leading civil society, or at the peace table in conflict.

– Cindy Breihl, World Vision

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