Justice: Rescue Orphans

Jamie Rohrbaugh headshotPlease join me in welcoming Jamie Rohrbaugh to the blog today as she shares her heart about rescuing orphans:

Have you ever felt rejected? Have you felt like you don’t fit in anywhere, and that you have no one to love you? Have you ever felt like you’ve been forgotten?

I spent most of my young life being tortured by all of those horrible feelings. However, after I met Jesus at age 21, I came to know that I am a beloved child of my Papa God. I am a member of a spiritual family; a daughter, not a spiritual orphan.

However, there are many in this world today who have no way of receiving that same healing—because they ARE orphans. They have no parents, and no one to show them the love of Jesus.

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Wilderness: What Does the Lord Require of You?

This is the question the prophet Micah asked Israel when considering their disobedience to the Lord. Micah is a small book written by a prophet who is brokenhearted over the rebellion of Israel against God. He compels them to repent or turn back to God in a spirit of humility, reverence, and respect. In his prophecy, he draws attention to the plight of the poor and the responsibility of God’s people to respond in compassion. Why should the “rich” [any American who earns above $105/day fits into this group] respond in compassion towards the poor? The simple answer is “because it is what God requires of us.”

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