A Wilderness Story: For Those Without Hope

I often find myself thinking about the injustices in America and how the church responds to them. Some individuals take opportunities to do what they can. Some churches are doing beautiful ministry to share the love and hope of Jesus, yet there are far too many who sit on the sidelines as spectators. Or worst, they ignore the problems because the injustices are not among their family, their friends, or the people in their church. For that reason, they simply pretend the problems do not exist, rationalize that America is the land of opportunity for all, and with self-righteousness wonder, “Why can’t they (the poor, homeless, needy, etc) simply do better?”

I am thankful that fellow Redbud and friend, Marlena Graves, is calling us to consider with compassion the marginalized in society who live in the wilderness everyday. How does God see him or her? How would God want us to respond? Read Marlena’s post here.

Wilderness: What Does the Lord Require of You?

This is the question the prophet Micah asked Israel when considering their disobedience to the Lord. Micah is a small book written by a prophet who is brokenhearted over the rebellion of Israel against God. He compels them to repent or turn back to God in a spirit of humility, reverence, and respect. In his prophecy, he draws attention to the plight of the poor and the responsibility of God’s people to respond in compassion. Why should the “rich” [any American who earns above $105/day fits into this group] respond in compassion towards the poor? The simple answer is “because it is what God requires of us.”

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