Coffee Talk: I Want It and I Want It Now!

How Coveting Reveals Our Pride

Last Sunday, my pastor closed his “Ten Commandments” Series with a sermon entitled, “The Secret to Being Content.” His take-way: “The secret to contentment is to be satisfied with God and whatever He has or has not provided.” In summary: God does condemn the sin of covetousness (Ex. 20:17) and God also provides a cure.

The sin of covetousness leads us to do things we never thought we would do. We can look throughout the Bible to see the stories of those who fell as a result of this sin: Aiken took what God said not to take (Joshua 7), David took somebody else’s wife (2 Sam 11-12), while Ananias and Sapphira coveted the same praise of another servant so they lied about their acts (Acts 5:1-11). I am no different than any of these people of God, and neither are you. I have noticed that throughout scripture and in life, the sin of covetousness always leads to conflict that negatively impacts our relationships with other people.

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Wilderness: Cry to Jesus and LIVE!

Let’s get real for a moment, shall we? Sometimes I get frustrated with Christians pretending that all is well in the world and in life. Broken people walk into church every Sunday with fake smiles on their faces because they can’t bear that thought of telling the truth that they are not okay. They feel guilt and eternally beat themselves for not rejoicing or being thankful. On the other hand, they can’t bear the thought of what others would say about them or how they would be judged. They can’t bear the thought of falling down at the altar and crying out to God for help. So they tighten their lips. Refuse to pray. They lie and make a choice to remain stuck simply because they don’t want to be honest about the true condition of their heart.

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