Learning to Ask for What You Need

It is difficult to ask for what we want or what we think we need. Asking makes us uncomfortable, sometimes makes us feel guilty or ashamed. Asking is one of most vulnerable things we can do. Yet, we see throughout the gospels that Jesus asked all the time. Particularly, he asked questions to challenge his hearers or cause them to think more deeply about issues. Jesus often used questions as teaching moments, and those questions were strategically placed to address a spiritual condition, soul cry, or even a physical need in the public square.


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On Being a Thought Leader

BeliefNet, branded as the world’s largest multi-faith, spirituality, and inspiration website, recently named me on a short list,“8 Christian thought leaders you should know.” I am honored for this inclusion with such names as Dr. Cornel West, Dianna Hobbs, Propaganda, Tripp Lee, and Devon Franklin.

Thought Leader

Earlier this year, Ben Lichtenwalner of ModertServantLeader.com included me on his list of the “Top Leadership Experts to Follow in 2015.” This diverse list also featured Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Hybels, John C. Maxwell, Bianca Juarez Olthoff, Ben Carson, Erika Harold, Max Lucado, Michael Hyatt, and Tony Dungy.

Some might ask, “How do you become a thought leader (at least online)?”

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