#Justice: A Peek into Urban Violence w/ Megan Westra

I am thankful for this testimony which shares the humanity and love experienced while living in an urban community. Welcome, Megan Westra. —————————————————————————————— “Do you feel safe?” Well, not always. I’m getting used to it now. The wide eyes and once-in-awhile gaping mouth. “Where do you live?” I live in the inner city. On purpose. AndContinue reading “#Justice: A Peek into Urban Violence w/ Megan Westra”

#RacialRec: Mission Incomplete

I admit I started this series with pretty ambitious goals. I was so excited for honest dialog that I wanted to jump in with both feet. We jumped together and we have had great dialog. This racial reconciliation series was broken into three parts: Diversity and the Church (with a focus on multi-cultural churches), Dr.Continue reading “#RacialRec: Mission Incomplete”