Biblical Justice Series Summary

Welcome to the Justice Series The Theology of Justice: What’s the Big Deal about Justice? by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger “No Jesus, No Justice” by Andy Crouch What is Biblical Justice? by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger #Justice: Don’t Give Up! (The Holy Spirit and Justice) Injustices in Our Theology by Drew Miller (featuring Dr. BrendaContinue reading “Biblical Justice Series Summary”

#Justice: A Peek into Urban Violence w/ Megan Westra

I am thankful for this testimony which shares the humanity and love experienced while living in an urban community. Welcome, Megan Westra. —————————————————————————————— “Do you feel safe?” Well, not always. I’m getting used to it now. The wide eyes and once-in-awhile gaping mouth. “Where do you live?” I live in the inner city. On purpose. AndContinue reading “#Justice: A Peek into Urban Violence w/ Megan Westra”

Why Reconciliation Needs #Justice

At the end of 2012, I completed a three month blog series on Racial Reconciliation. Since then, I have continued to discuss racial issues, and particularly racial division and the racial reconciliation that is needed in the church. I do this out of a strong conviction that God wants all of his people from everyContinue reading “Why Reconciliation Needs #Justice”