Listen to Her: The Voice and Ministry of Women

Jenny Armstrong photoAs we near the end of our God Cares About His Women Series, I have been longing to share the fabulous writing of my friend and writing buddy, Jenny Armstrong. Jenny has written a couple thought provoking articles that I believe we should all read, contemplate, and then prayerfully take action.

She answers the question, “Why We Need More Women in Ministry,” at Relevant Magazine:

Women are leaving the church faster than men—and it’s time to bring them back.


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Women: Raise Your Voice and Connect

“Fearlessly expanding the feminine voice in our churches, communities 
and culture.” Redbud Writers

I have received several contacts lately from Christian women who are trying to figure out their calling and determine if writing to the glory of God is a ministerial effort they should pursue. I don’t have the answers to all of that, but I do know that we can get distracted along the way with everyone else telling us what we should be doing if we are not clear about what God wants us to do right now. So the sooner we can discern all of that—and hold the revelation loosely so that God can continually shape and mold as He chooses—the better.

Personally, my writing ministry was unexpected. It was not something I actively pursued. Sure, I started writing purposefully as an English major in undergrad, but did not intentionally write for several years afterward. Then one day, I started writing again. I shared with a few writer friends that I might be interested in cultivating my writing skills for the purpose of ministry. I started blogging in 2010, for the dual purpose of challenging and encouraging women through the Word of God, and disciplining myself concerning the frequency of writing. I was encouraged and nurtured through connections and a community of writers—first, the Synergy Women’s Network @SynergyWN and secondly, the Redbud Writer’s Guild @redbudwriters. The rest, as you can say, “Is (shaping) history.”

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