“Refuse to do Nothing” Bible Study #humantrafficking

At the beginning of the year, we completed a chapter-by-chapter book discussion of Refuse to do Nothing: Finding your Power to Abolish Modern-day Slavery. Throughout the series, we learned basic facts about human trafficking or modern-day slavery. Including the following: Human trafficking is the commercial exploitation of individuals through sex, labor, or both where force,Continue reading ““Refuse to do Nothing” Bible Study #humantrafficking”

Refuse to do Nothing: What is Still Needed? #HumanTrafficking

Chapter 15: What is Still Needed All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke It has been such a pleasure connecting with local advocates and experts in my community to learn, discuss, and educate locals about human trafficking. Over the past few weeks, I haveContinue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: What is Still Needed? #HumanTrafficking”

Refuse to do Nothing: Your Advocacy Power #justice #humantrafficking

Chapter 14: You Have Advocacy Power It falls to each of us—and like-minded people everywhere—to wage an unceasing campaign to eradicate human trafficking from the face of the earth. Christopher H. Smith, U. S. House of Representatives When discussing the topic of advocacy in my local community, I encourage interested parties to review Chapters 4-7Continue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: Your Advocacy Power #justice #humantrafficking”