Mentoring Monday: Discipleship According to Jesus

Happy Mentoring Monday everyone! I primarily write about mentoring from the perspective of intentional discipleship. The focus of mentoring as intentional discipleship is holistic, and this practice is a necessary for the church. Christianity Today just released a training tool about holistic discipleship in small groups. My work is featured in an article titled,Continue reading “Mentoring Monday: Discipleship According to Jesus”

Mentoring Monday: What We Overlook

What does it look like to make a disciple of Christ? Does it include only sound doctrine and good Bible teaching? Good teaching produces right thinking so discipleship must include Bible teaching; however, it cannot stop there. There is a positive result of approaching mentoring from the perspective if intentional discipleship. It raises our awarenessContinue reading “Mentoring Monday: What We Overlook”

Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?

10 years, that’s how long my wilderness experience has been. Not really that long when compared to 40 years of Israelites wandering in the wilderness. But when you’re in your 40’s and ten years is one quarter of your lifetime, it seems like a long time to be wandering in the wilderness, looking for a home.