A Wilderness Experience: Loving Prodigals, Release, & Rest

Until recently, I have not thought about deeply loving a spiritually lost individual as a wilderness experience. I know now, as I continue to love prodigals, particularly those of my biological family, that the journey can feel quite dry. Sometimes it seems like you plant and water only to see the life snuffed out and then you go back to planting and watering again.

What I am starting to learn is, “God wants me to live free.” Living free means that I have to release the illusion of control, that I cannot attempt to play Savior in other people’s lives, that I can walk in obedience with the understanding that God is sovereign and he is at work to accomplish he good purposes in the world. Therefore, I can walk in faith and hope without anxiety, stress, or losing sleep. When I prayerfully rest in this reality, I receive God’s peace. This is also a lesson my friend, Judy Douglass, has come to understand through her wilderness experience of loving a prodigal. She shares wisdom here:

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