#RacialRec: African American Voices Reflections

When I thought about presenting the African American voices segment of this mini-series, I did not want to restate history and rehearse the stories we already know. Instead I wanted to celebrate how far we have come with race relations, particularly between blacks and whites in America, while acknowledging there is still much work toContinue reading “#RacialRec: African American Voices Reflections”

#RacialRec: Voice # 6 ~ Hispanic American ~ Daniel Gomez

I first introduced Pastor Daniel Gomez, Pastor de CBC Hispana of Community Bible Church of High Point, NC in the post entitled, “Do the Right Thing Leaders” for the “Diversity and the Church” part of this series  During the second part of our interview, I asked him about Hispanic culture, life in the America, andContinue reading “#RacialRec: Voice # 6 ~ Hispanic American ~ Daniel Gomez”

#RacialRec: Neglected Vocies ~ Asian American Reflections

This Asian American mini-series has been quite enlightening for me. It has shed light on several points of Asian American history and culture I would not have known if not for these stories and revelations. To begin, my research reveals that non-Asian Americans look at Asian Americans from a single lens. In order words, weContinue reading “#RacialRec: Neglected Vocies ~ Asian American Reflections”