Rhythms of Leadership

Without a doubt, I have found that the number one reason women don’t mentor is because of the fear that they don’t have anything to offer. Nothing can be further from the truth, but the belief of this lie paralyzes us from moving forward when we have the opportunity to act. We all have somethingContinue reading “Rhythms of Leadership”

Coffee Talk: Permission Granted

A friend of mine released a book that was titled, Permission Granted. I thought to myself, “That’s such a cool title.” Far too often, God gives us permission and makes us aware of things that we can do or should do, but for whatever reason, we do not respond in obedience to those promptings ofContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Permission Granted”

Wilderness: Take a Rest, Why Don’t You

Many of us are way too hard on ourselves. We take ourselves too seriously to the point of feeling guilty when we prioritize rest. We have limited ourselves to self-imposed obligations which eat precious time not realizing that God has something so much richer for us. We allow ourselves to be manipulated by others about what it is we should be doing (yes, this often occurs in the church and especially among women and moms).