HOT TOPIC: Paula Deen Controversy: It’s Worse Than You Think

What the Media is Not Covering and Why It Matters.

Photo from official
Photo from official

A lot of people are angry that celebrity chef, Paula Deen, has admitted to using the N-word to refer to African Americans. In the deposition, she went so far as to describe scenarios where the use of the word may be appropriate. As a result of this controversy, Deen has lost contracts and endorsements from the Food Network, Smithfield, Walmart, Sears Holdings, and Caesars Entertainment Company. Ballantine Books has also decided not to publish her newest cookbook slated for an October release; this book was supposed to be the first of a five book deal.

Once the public uproar was in full blaze, Deen crafted a two-minute video apology stating, “I was wrong…that is no excuse…forgive me.” However, she never really admits to anything, except for the possibility of hurting others. This turn of events has brought Deen’s fans to her defense, causing her book sales to soar. Last week, she used her Today Show television spot to thank her fans and supporters.

In her video apology, released a few days prior to her television appearance, she stated, “My family and I are not the kind of people that the press is trying to say we are.” This is where it gets interesting. Continue Reading at Urban Faith.

God Has His Eyes on Women, So We Should Keep Our Eyes on Him

As I round out this month’s God Cares About His Women Series on Good Friday, it is only fitting that we rest at the feet of the cross. Women met Christ at the cross. Matthew’s account of the gospel records that “many women were there, watching from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs (Matt. 27:55).”

From the beginning of time and what we refer to as the Christian faith, God had his eyes on women and women had their eyes on him. It has been my honor to share the stories of women of Christian faith throughout the Church’s history, and those who are sharing in their legacy today. I lock arms with them to stand against the schemes of the evil one and proclaim the good news that Jesus saves!

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HOT TOPIC: ‘Scandal’ and Women’s Empowerment

I know some people get nervous concerning the topic of Women’s Empowerment. On one hand, we value the lives and contributions of women. On the one hand, “women’s rights” is the source of fighting and great debates. Women’s rights and their empowerment has become a ploy in almost every arena from politics and media to education, entertainment and marketing. Some may dogmatically stand on one extreme or the other, but the reality is: there is a lot of history and gray to sort through when the issues are so often painted in short black and white sound bits. Sometimes it is easier, though not responsible, to not pay attention to all of the noise surrounding my creation as a woman.

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