#Justice: Could Your Daughter be Trafficked?

I found the following article as a follow-up to Tuesday’s post. Consider the horrifying question: Could your Daughter Be Trafficked?

Samantha woke up in a pool of blood and reached back to feel the gash in her head. I’ve got to get out of here. He’s going to kill me.

Her thoughts drifted back to how differently Luke had treated her a year ago. He had been the epitome of a gentleman when they first met. He listened to her, showered gifts on her, and made her feel loved. Everyone told her how lucky she was. He was nineteen and she was a high school freshman. She felt so special that he had chosen her.

After a few months together—the most wonderful months of her life—Luke suggested they run away to live with his family in a neighboring city. “Your parents are over-protective, and they’ve been giving me the cold shoulder lately,” he said. Samantha knew it was true, her parents weren’t thrilled about her having an older boyfriend, but they begrudgingly let Luke stick around because Samantha had begged them. “If we move near my family,” he continued, “we’ll be able to be together, and we’ll be so much happier.”

Samantha wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of leaving her friends and family, but she loved Luke and couldn’t bear the idea of living without him, so she agreed.

But when they moved, everything changed. After a few nights at their new place, Luke brought some guys over and ordered her to have sex with them. When she refused, he beat her until she complied. Sweet Luke morphed into someone different—someone awful—a monster who sold her body for money night after night, week after week.

She had no one to turn to after they moved. No family, friends, or neighbors. No access to a phone or computer. And Luke had threatened to kill her family if she did manage to contact them. She couldn’t run away either; Luke locked her in the apartment whenever he wasn’t home.

She had no way out.

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Part 2- Advocate (Corrected)

#Justice~Q2: In the fight against sex trafficking, where are the men?

Beth Bruno RBI preparation for the upcoming human trafficking education and awareness series I am organizing in Greensboro, NC, I have participated in a couple radio spots. As I learn and speak more about the issue, people want to know, “What can I do about human trafficking?” The first response is: Educate yourself, Share the information with friends, Pray, Pay Attention, Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) when there is cause for concern, and be a source of encouragement and support for someone who has been rescued from human trafficking.

I am pleased to welcome Beth Bruno to A Sista’s Journey for the first time. Beth is taking this issue of human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking personally and she is asking important questions: Do we understand the connection between the vulnerabilities of our impoverished citizens and trafficking? In the fight against trafficking, where are the men? Welcome, Beth.


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#RefuseToDoNothing Chapter 2 – We’ve Done This Before

Chapter 2 begins with a simple sentence. “Slavery isn’t new.” That short statement is both powerful and humbling. It is disheartening to read that “modern-day slavery is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, with profits of more than $32 billion” and that eighty percent of the estimated twenty-seven million modern-day slaves are women and children (25). However, that is not the end of the story.

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