“Refuse to do Nothing” Bible Study #humantrafficking

At the beginning of the year, we completed a chapter-by-chapter book discussion of Refuse to do Nothing: Finding your Power to Abolish Modern-day Slavery. Throughout the series, we learned basic facts about human trafficking or modern-day slavery. Including the following: Human trafficking is the commercial exploitation of individuals through sex, labor, or both where force,Continue reading ““Refuse to do Nothing” Bible Study #humantrafficking”

Refuse to do Nothing: You Have Purchasing Power

Chapter 12 leads us into the last four chapters of the book which all focus on our power. The reality is that we have more power than we think. Today, we center our discussion on our purchasing power. Can you image what would happen if the church in America began seeing itself as the conscienceContinue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: You Have Purchasing Power”

Refuse to do Nothing: The Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves

Chapter 10:  How can you eat, how can you drink, How wear your finery, and ne’er think Of those poor souls, in bondage held, Whose painful labor is compelled? Anonymous This was perhaps one of the most difficult chapters in the book for me to read. It was difficult because it talks about the violenceContinue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: The Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves”