This Abolitionist Mama says We Should Get Mad About Sex Trafficking!

Featuring the voice and plea of Kimberly McOwen Yim today: The climate needs to change when it comes to women and girls in our world.  Enough is enough.  The commodification and objectification of women and girls – and even young boys – may we not forget the young boys – needs to end.  We canContinue reading “This Abolitionist Mama says We Should Get Mad About Sex Trafficking!”

Coffee Talk: Encourage Yourself

When I reflect on the history of African Americans, I see struggle and victory. I see people who understand suffering and push forward in spite of because they had a strong sense of hope that things would get better. Their message was always “Don’t Give Up, Hold On.”

Servant Leadership: Harriet Ann Jacobs #BlackHistory

I am honored to include portions of Benjamin Lichtenwalner’s Black History Servant Leadership posts as features on Leadership Days (Wednesdays) of our Christians Celebrate Black History Series this month. Ben is the Founder of Modern Servant Leadership, adviser to, and Senior Manager of Internet and eCommerce at Whirlpool Corporation. The mission of Modern Servant Leadership isContinue reading “Servant Leadership: Harriet Ann Jacobs #BlackHistory”