Fasting for Biblical Justice

In his book titled Fasting, Scot McKnight writes that a grievous sacred moment is what prompts us to fast and that moment is often caused by severe pain, suffering, or sorrow, which often includes the oppression of the innocent. This sorrow prompts us to focused prayer and fasting. I entered a sun-up-to-sundown, water-only fast as partContinue reading “Fasting for Biblical Justice”

Be a Woman Who Truly Loves: A Story About Sister Mary Corita

I’ve invited Margot Starbuck to chat over coffee, tea, or your drink of choice today. Margot Starbuck is a whimsical, gracious, Jesus loving, poetry slammin’ (no really, she is!) child of God.  Her new book Permission Granted: And Other Thoughts on Living Graciously Among Sinners and Saints is hot off the press! You can connectContinue reading “Be a Woman Who Truly Loves: A Story About Sister Mary Corita”