Pride Explodes Relationships

…And Relationships Help Keep Our Pride in Check

Humility: Chapters 10 and 11

We are continuing our discussion of Humility: True Greatness with a focus on “Inviting and Pursuing Correction” (Chapter 10) and “Responding Humbly to Trials” (Chapter 11).

Pride not only destroys; it deceives. Sin in its deceptive power so often blinds us, leaving us unaware of flaws that others notice clearly (123).

As I read that sentence, I thought of how much of our suffering is connected to sin (either our own or the consequences we experience from others) I also thought about how difficult it seems to utter the words, “I’m sorry. I apologize for… [state exactly what we did to offend or sin against the other person]” and then follow our statement of confession by asking for their forgiveness. Our own pride and maybe the fear of how the receiving party will respond keeps us from humbly loving others in this way. Yet God calls us to intentional acts of peacemaking, and we need others to help us on the road to humbly making peace with others.

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