Fight the Power

Freedom Summer was a voting registration drive in Mississippi in 1964 which brought over a 1,000 volunteers to the state to fight racially charged abuses and harassment against black people. Systemic injustices and violent attacks escalated in the murders of two white students and a local African American male. reports that, “The events of Freedom Summer deepened the division between those in the civil rights movement who still believed in integration and nonviolence and others, especially young Afro-Americans, who now doubted whether racial equality was achievable by peaceful means. The civil rights movement continued to be active, but after 1964, it began to lose the hopeful solidarity that had infused its earlier years.”

…lose the hopeful solidarity.

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Dangerous Act: Worship is God’s Language…

Worship is God’s language and sometimes it is foreign to us.

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your NeighborI am reminded again and again, that the call to biblical justice is a call that is after God’s own heart and it is a call that makes each of us credible witnesses of the whole gospel. Pursing biblical justice means that we have been redeemed and that we are being transformed to see as God sees, name as God names, and act in righteousness as God would. Most importantly, pursuing biblical justice is a call to live loved and when we do not respond to others as God would, it is evident that our love tank is deficient.

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Dangerous Act: When Comfort Blinds

Chapter 14: Practicing Dignity

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your NeighborRecently, I have had a lot of life-shaping experiences, some of which I will be sharing over the next few days. For starters, I must confess that I am being changed. God is opening my eyes to reveal that all too often, we in the middle-class American Church fail at justice, grace, compassion, and mercy simply because we make choices to remain comfortable and do what seems easy to us. Our family and friend circles are too small and our visions are too short, so we cast small nets to fish for lost souls, that’s if we casts nets at all.

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