Fight the Power

Freedom Summer was a voting registration drive in Mississippi in 1964 which brought over a 1,000 volunteers to the state to fight racially charged abuses and harassment against black people. Systemic injustices and violent attacks escalated in the murders of two white students and a local African American male. reports that, “The events ofContinue reading “Fight the Power”

Dangerous Act: Worship is God’s Language…

Worship is God’s language and sometimes it is foreign to us. I am reminded again and again, that the call to biblical justice is a call that is after God’s own heart and it is a call that makes each of us credible witnesses of the whole gospel. Pursing biblical justice means that we haveContinue reading “Dangerous Act: Worship is God’s Language…”

Dangerous Act: When Comfort Blinds

Chapter 14: Practicing Dignity Recently, I have had a lot of life-shaping experiences, some of which I will be sharing over the next few days. For starters, I must confess that I am being changed. God is opening my eyes to reveal that all too often, we in the middle-class American Church fail at justice,Continue reading “Dangerous Act: When Comfort Blinds”