Dangerous Act: WE See No Evil

Part I: Discovering Where We Live Chapter 2: Paying Attention to Paying Attention “We is a set of invisible goggles we never take off, not least because we have no sense we even have them on. We look out on the world with the lenses of our instincts and social grooming. We think we seeContinue reading “Dangerous Act: WE See No Evil”

Stop Rubbernecking. It’s Dangerous!

Part I: Discovering Where We Live Chapter 1: Our Address Read the Gospels more…that is the final word professor and scholar, N.T. Wright would leave to his children. Reading the Gospels more has the powerful effect of changing the hearts of people because in reading the Gospels, we see Jesus, we physically and miraculously seeContinue reading “Stop Rubbernecking. It’s Dangerous!”

Dangerous Act & A Heart Like the Grinch

Introduction: The Injustice of the Heart I started reading through the book of Jeremiah again a few days ago. The book reveals an intimate exchange between the prophet, Jeremiah, and God. The book covers a historical time when the sin of Judah had reached its peak and God was preparing to exercise his righteous judgmentContinue reading “Dangerous Act & A Heart Like the Grinch”