Ferguson: Between Jesus and Barabbas #Evangelicals4Justice

A Guest Post by fellow Evangelicals4Justice Member, Drew Miller: In an intimate conversation between Jesus and his disciples, just before Jesus predicts that Peter will deny him three times, Jesus asks Peter, “Will you lay down your life for me?” As Jesus’ crucifixion approaches, his question to Peter becomes reality, and the people who knowContinue reading “Ferguson: Between Jesus and Barabbas #Evangelicals4Justice”

Dangerous Act & A Heart Like the Grinch

Introduction: The Injustice of the Heart I started reading through the book of Jeremiah again a few days ago. The book reveals an intimate exchange between the prophet, Jeremiah, and God. The book covers a historical time when the sin of Judah had reached its peak and God was preparing to exercise his righteous judgmentContinue reading “Dangerous Act & A Heart Like the Grinch”