Learning to Ask for What You Need

It is difficult to ask for what we want or what we think we need. Asking makes us uncomfortable, sometimes makes us feel guilty or ashamed. Asking is one of most vulnerable things we can do. Yet, we see throughout the gospels that Jesus asked all the time. Particularly, he asked questions to challenge his hearers or cause them to think more deeply about issues. Jesus often used questions as teaching moments, and those questions were strategically placed to address a spiritual condition, soul cry, or even a physical need in the public square.


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Coffee Talk: This is What I Want. What do you Want?

One of the books I am reading is, Teach us to Want: Longing, Ambition & the Life of Faith, by fellow Redbud, Jen Pollock Michel. This book interested me because I have grown quite uncomfortable with my wants. At almost every turn, I find how selfish and self-serving my wants are. In most Christian environments and conversations, we are reminded that wants are bad. Are they really? All of them?

What do You Want Me to Do for You_DesireMy coping mechanism has been to deny, deny, deny my wants. But God is doing a new thing in me and reminding me that he holds all things, even my wants in the palms of his hands.

My daughter was baptized in the spring and she is now taking a “New Life” class at our church. During the first lesson the children were reminded (and what a lesson for me) that we can trust God:


  1. Teach us the right way to live.
  1. To provide what we need.
  1. Give us the things that we want.

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