Leadership Issue: Hello! Millennials are Leaving the Church

Millennials are leaving the Church. That’s the conclusion that is drawn from much of the recent readings. The statement is only partially true, however, and it presents a great opportunity for the evangelical church to reconsider how she approaches the millennial generation, makes disciples, and views diversity. Taking another look at this problem offers someContinue reading “Leadership Issue: Hello! Millennials are Leaving the Church”

#RacialRec: Introducing “Bloodlines” and Trillia Newbell

It has been awhile since we had a book discussion but here we are. Our only discussion for 2012 is John Piper’s Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and The Christian. As always, we will engage in book dialog on Tuesdays.  We will begin next week discussing the book’s introduction—Our World: The Need for the Gospel, so goContinue reading “#RacialRec: Introducing “Bloodlines” and Trillia Newbell”