Wilderness: You Have Been Warned!

Sometimes in the wilderness, it is hard to discern when God is speaking. Wandering people often cannot decipher truth from error. When wandering with no clear direction, it is easy to lose hope. When Cain was sent to wander, he knew that losing his connection with God would result in death. He said to theContinue reading “Wilderness: You Have Been Warned!”

A Wilderness Experience: Has God Put You on a Shelf?

I have often stated that God uses the wilderness to shape the hearts of his leaders and to prepare them for the work ahead. Michelle is gracious to share her wilderness or “shelf” experience and the leadership lessons learned. I hope this post encourages and challenges you today.

Wilderness: God is Good so Worship

In the midst of difficult circumstances, we tend to forget about God. We think he is not listening, is unconcerned with our issues, does not hear when we cry out and certainly will not answer our prayers. The enemy wants us to look at the reality of our lives and become self-absorbed, lose sight ofContinue reading “Wilderness: God is Good so Worship”