A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: Mentoring and Leadership

Our theme for Season 2 of “A Sojourner’s Truth” podcast is mentoring. You can SUBSCRIBE on iTunesSpotify, and SoundCloud.

Episode features a conversation with Nancy Beach, we talk about the #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements, the fears of women in leadership, what pastors need to know, and our hope for the future.

Nancy Beach is most known for her groundbreaking ministry to more fully unleash the arts in the local church, and for leading artists with grace, wisdom, and skill.  For over 20 years she served as the Programming Director of Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago, building a community of artists who sought to create transformational moments in weekend church services. Nancy also served as a Teaching Pastor, periodically bringing the weekend message.  She invested five years as a leadership team member of the Willow Creek Association, an organization that exists to envision and inspire church leaders all over the world. In over 26 countries and on 6 continents, Nancy has shared her passion, teaching at conferences and workshops. Nancy and her husband Warren live in the village of Barrington, Illinois with their adorable dog, Beanie. Their two daughters, Samantha and Johanna, are both artists. Connect with Nancy at her website.

Find out more about Nancy’s coaching circles by visiting the Slingshot Group.

Featured resource: Nancy’s book, Gifted to Lead, is a classic work to guide us in critical leadership conversations that are still facing the church and the world.

Chapter Outline: God Didnt’ Make a Mistake, Welcome to the Boys’ Club, Doing the Work, Running with the Big Boys, And Then We Had Kids!, Finding Your Voice, An Open Letter to Male Pastors, and Leaning on Your Tribe.


Nancy wishes that everyone knew these fabulous women who lead:

Deborah in the Bible

Eleanor Roosevelt

Michelle Obama

Katherine Graham

Recommended Reading: Can the Church Lead the Way (Women in Leadership)

What leadership or mentoring challenges are you facing? How has this conversation benefited your work or ministry context?

Book of the Month Introduction: Gifted to Lead

In honor of our “God Cares about His Women” Series, I’m announcing Nancy Beach’s Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church as the March 2013 Book of the Month. I read this book several years ago and thought to myself, this woman (the author) gets it. She is theologically sound, understands who she is in Christ, is not ashamed of her gifts, acknowledges her strengths and weaknesses, and knows the contributions she can make to the world by living with integrity through her personal relationships, ministry, church, and community. I don’t personally know Nancy Beach, but I was encouraged by her honesty in sharing personal stories to chronicle her life and devotion as a Christian leader.

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Book of the Month: Deeply Loved

Deeply Loved 2

“Beloved” or “the one whom Christ loved” is the way the Apostle John regularly refers to himself in his gospel. By identifying with Christ’s love for him, John acknowledged intimacy, humility, growth, and purpose. Being in God’s presence reminds us that we are deeply loved.

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