On Being a Thought Leader

BeliefNet, branded as the world’s largest multi-faith, spirituality, and inspiration website, recently named me on a short list,“8 Christian thought leaders you should know.” I am honored for this inclusion with such names as Dr. Cornel West, Dianna Hobbs, Propaganda, Tripp Lee, and Devon Franklin. Earlier this year, Ben Lichtenwalner of ModertServantLeader.com included me onContinue reading “On Being a Thought Leader”

Mentoring Through Uncharted Territory

My family and I have taken several road trips over the past couple months. Normally my husband drives so I can read. Whenever I’m packing, I always remind myself and him that I want to reach our final destination before dark. There is a certain uneasiness that comes when we don’t know where we areContinue reading “Mentoring Through Uncharted Territory”

Coffee Talk: The One Day I Watched TV

Yesterday I watched TV. I didn’t begin my day committed to television watching. On the contrary, I packed my bag with a laptop (because I have things to do) and a couple books (because I have stuff to read). After getting acquainted with my new beautician and reading for about 30 minutes, however, reality setContinue reading “Coffee Talk: The One Day I Watched TV”