Mentoring Resources…Finally!

Long before my five part mentoring series, people have been asking me about mentoring resources. There simply was not much out there that impressed me (particularly for women). By now you know, I highly recommend Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell. Additionally, I am listing several books which have been recommended to me. Please note:Continue reading “Mentoring Resources…Finally!”

Mission Critical: Women Mentoring Women

Anyone who speaks with me for 20 minutes knows that I am passionate about discipleship and mentoring in all its capacities. It is one of my favorite speaking topics and one I write about regularly on the blog. I firmly believe mentoring is a responsibility of any great leader. Over the past two years, IContinue reading “Mission Critical: Women Mentoring Women”

It’s Our Anniversary…Celebrate With Us!

  Dear Friends, I cannot believe I have been blogging for two years today! We have had wonderful times together and trust me when I tell you, “There are more exciting things ahead.” It is my desire to use this blog to share Jesus, honor his holy Word, encourage the children of God, and challengeContinue reading “It’s Our Anniversary…Celebrate With Us!”