Refuse to do Nothing: The Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves

Chapter 10:  How can you eat, how can you drink, How wear your finery, and ne’er think Of those poor souls, in bondage held, Whose painful labor is compelled? Anonymous This was perhaps one of the most difficult chapters in the book for me to read. It was difficult because it talks about the violenceContinue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: The Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves”

#JusticeConfence2014: The Issues & The Questions

I was so thankful to participate in The Justice Conference simulcast a couple weekends ago. Like the previous year, my heart was broken, encouraged, and transformed as I listened to the speakers who shared their stories and the work of justice that God is doing all over the world. Let there be no doubt, pursuingContinue reading “#JusticeConfence2014: The Issues & The Questions”

In the Pursuit of Justice, Passion is Not Enough

An interview with Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, Director of Justice Ministries for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America I am excited about the work of the Holy Spirit, raising up a generation of believers who are discontent with The Hole in our Gospel and are seeking to fill the hole in tangible ways within their homes, churches, andContinue reading “In the Pursuit of Justice, Passion is Not Enough”