Dangerous Act: Worship is God’s Language…

Worship is God’s language and sometimes it is foreign to us. I am reminded again and again, that the call to biblical justice is a call that is after God’s own heart and it is a call that makes each of us credible witnesses of the whole gospel. Pursing biblical justice means that we haveContinue reading “Dangerous Act: Worship is God’s Language…”

Special Treat: I Hope You’ll Dance

2012 provided much time for personal reflection. I got honest with the Lord about a lot of things, but I also got honest with myself. I really focused on spending time alone in his presence. I worked on my marriage and building my home. Together, my husband and I revisited our diet and exercise plans.Continue reading “Special Treat: I Hope You’ll Dance”

#RacialRec: What’s Worship Have to Do With It?

When discussing diversity and the church, people may wonder, “What’s worship have to do with it?” Well, according to @ScottWilliams book Church Diversity: Sunday the Most Segregated Day of the Week, worship has everything to do with it. Under the subheading “What You See Is What You Get,” Williams writes, “When it comes to embracingContinue reading “#RacialRec: What’s Worship Have to Do With It?”