Book Review: “Emboldened” by @TaraBeth82

Why I picked up this book:

Emboldened book cover

Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry” was written by Tara Beth Leach. As a fellow writer for Missio Alliance, I consider Tara Beth such a gracious leader with a heart for God, his Word, and his people.


Who Should Read Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry:


This book will particularly encourage women who are called to leadership in the church, and the men who are making ways to support them.


What’s in Store for You:


Tara shares her personal faith journey, struggles with identity, and her call to leading (and eventually pastoring) in the church. She shares her heart break for the various ways God’s church is divided, the many women who grew up never seeing other women leading in the church, and her concern for the church’s future if we don’t recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in God’s church.

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Book Review – “One: Unity in a Divided World” by @DeidraRiggs

Book Review – “One: Unity in a Divided World” by @DeidraRiggs

One book cover

Why I picked up this book:

Deidre RiggsOne: Unity in a Divide World” was written by Deidra Riggs, and I find her particularly intentional and passionate about the work of reconciliation. She is a person who uplifts and brings other persons together, so I’m glad to share this resource.


Who Should Read One: Unity in a Divide World:


We are so easily divided about everything. Given the current political and social climate in America, this book can be beneficial to anyone. I see it as an on-ramp book, particularly helpful for those just getting started on the reconciliation journey. A journey the Deidra defines as a “process that begins when two opposing parties come together for the purpose of peace.”

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Why You Should Not Say, “The poor will be with you always.”

“Poverty is not a sin.”


He spoke these words boldly, as if he was saying something prophetic. Then he gave a pregnant pause, and waited for the audience to delight at this great revelation. These were the words uttered by a pastor while I was attending a workshop at a church planning conference for leaders. While this statement is true, I didn’t find the words that followed particularly insightful.

He approached the topic of poverty in the same way that I have heard many American pastors and Christians quote the scripture:

“The poor will be with you always…”

When I hear both of these statements, particularly in the contexts in which they were given, I have great concern that the pastors are not challenging themselves or their hearers to respond to poverty in any tangible way. The problem with these holy references is they are both incomplete, and an incomplete truth can be just as harmful as a lie.

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