A Little Urban Culture: Moral Lessons from BET’s “The Game”

It’s a wrap for Season 5 of BET’s The Game and everything is in limbo. After a fearless fan campaign, BET revived the sitcom from its original television network, The CW. The first season on BET was met with mixed views and caused several of the sitcom’s more mature viewers to abandon the show. BET took what might have been a realistic depiction of life in the NFL and reduced the characters to sloppy, sex-crazed one dimensional objects constantly involved with petty drama created for the likes of today’s declining reality shows.

Still some of the sitcoms more faithful followers have stuck with the show, extending grace to BET and giving them another shot to get it right this season. While some argue that the plot lines were slow, others complained that the female characters had lost their identity.

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Published by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

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