Christianity Today Feature Article: Call for the Wailing Women of Color

The editor of Voices of Lament on how public injustice demands public sorrow. In the fall of 2019, author and speaker Natasha Sistrunk Robinson moved to Alabama with her husband and daughter. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, she found herself doubly isolated in a new location. After reading the book of Jeremiah, aContinue reading “Christianity Today Feature Article: Call for the Wailing Women of Color”

Let’s Have an Honest Conversation

Over the past decade, I have used my voice through writing and speaking to have honest conversations. Truth-telling is important to me. Most of the time learning about the truth and being willing to hear the truth is the first brave and humble step. We must be willing to do that before we can everContinue reading “Let’s Have an Honest Conversation”

VBLOG: My Journey Through Seminary

Hi Folks, I was so thankful for the opportunity to share my testimony as one of the student speakers during the May 17, 2014 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Commencement in Charlotte, NC. Gordon-Conwell has now made this video available to the public. The first student speaker is Andrew R. Anderson (M.Div). He is moving to becomeContinue reading “VBLOG: My Journey Through Seminary”