Good News in March!

The past few weeks have been one of voting, speaking, praying, planning, and waiting. This Holy Week has been one of tying up loose ends so my family and I can take a much needed vacation. Of course, we are preparing our hearts and meditating on the ultimate Good News—the sacrifice of Christ—and the new life we are offered through Him.

I did have the opportunity to peek at a few joyous moments on the internet over the past couple weeks. Check them out:

  1. I love great music! And I LOVE listening to a voice that stands out on its own. It’s no surprise then that Ms. Patti Labelle is one of my favorite old school artists, and I consider Fantasia among my generation’s legends. That says a lot because I don’t easily consider myself a fan of entertainers. However, when you ask Fantasia to give a tribute to Patti Labelle and she sannnngs, yes, sannnnnnnnngs about Ms. Patti being her friend. Well, expect perfection. And it was!

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Special Treat: #SeminaryDropout Podcast Interview

I’m so excited that Shane Blackshear asked to interview me for his #SeminaryDropout podcast.

In it, I talk about leadership, race, mentoring, human trafficking work, and I also give you a sneak peak at my upcoming mentoring book. I hope you enjoy!


View More: this episode we learn:

-about Natasha’s background and her relationship with Jesus when she was young.
-what inspired her to start writing a blog and what made her connect with God at that point.
-what’s the difference between leadership in church versus the secular environment.
-what does Natasha think about church adopting leadership models from business world.
-what perspective on leadership Natasha has as a women of color.
-how Natasha got involved in the cause of anti-human trafficking.
-what role mentoring plays in her life.
-about her new book.
-what is it about her that has struck a cord with people.

Listen to the podcast: 


A New Perspective

PERSPECTIVEI have spent the past several days reviewing and evaluating the next phase of my writing ministry. That process has included minor updates to the blog website. I hope to complete the remaining updates this week. It has also included the rereading of several posts I have written over the years. It is with deep gratitude that I have noticed personal growth and change while going through some of the archives. This time of reflection has also caused me to refocus. The answer to the question, “Why do I blog,” as presented after my short biography on the About Me page as not changed.

In addition to those thoughts, I have noticed that writing is teaching me more about myself. Through writing, I am forced to confront issues. Sometimes I try to avoid conflict, escape the drama, and run the other way. There are times, however, when all of us must stop running, and confront the issues of our day and our own life. In the words of Sheryl Sandberg we must all consider, “What would you do if you were not afraid?”

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