Book Review: Educating All God’s Children

Educating all of Gods Children book cover

What Christians can and should do to close the achievement gap:

Why I picked up this book:

I heard Dr. Nicole Baker Fulgham speak at The Justice Conference earlier this year and I really wanted to read this book. I also have a passion for education and often struggle with how best to address the many challenges that hinder a child’s academic success. I wanted to know Dr. Fulgham’s perspective concerning how Christians can be part of the solution and support the education progress of children in low-income communities.

Who Should Read Educating All God’s Children: What Christians Can–and Should–Do to Improve Public Education for Low Income Kids:

Christians who love children, education, or justice. Christians who are educators, parents, mentors, or tutors. Christians who minister to youth. Christians who are politicians and volunteers. Christians who have financial resources. Maybe all Christians should crack open this one.

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Mentoring Monday: Are You Aware?

Times a changin’ folks. I smiled this week as my daughter danced in the living room to the jams of Earth, Wind, and Fire. I smiled because she was so happy and because she is a pretty good dancer, but I also smiled because she was enjoying music from my mother’s generation. In some small way, this sentiment connects the two of them and all of us.

Mentoring Culture 29SEPT2014

My daughter and her dancing came to mind as I sat in a bowling alley this weekend and watched several videos featuring teeny boppers and millennials, most of whom I had never seen or heard of before. She doesn’t know these bands or their songs. She may not ever know them but it was interesting for me to watch and listen to because I enjoy music, and I saw the artistic changes that comes with the passing of time.

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Coffee Talk: I Got a New Job!

Photography courtesy of Meredith Macy at

Photography courtesy of Meredith Macy at

It was a little over three years ago that I quit my “good government job” and some folks thought I was crazy. We were in a time of transition and God was clear that I needed to focus on school, ministry, and home life. A lot has changed since then. My husband is thriving at his job which was the reason for our move and transition back to North Carolina in the first place. My daughter is growing and exploring new things. Not only does she read now, she regularly writes her own stories or songs. I have turned over responsibilities for the Women’s Mentoring Ministry that I was leading, and graduated from seminary in the spring. Early next week, I will turn in my first manuscript to Zondervan publishers! Though it has been challenging, I think it’s safe to say that quitting my job was not such a bad idea.

After a summer of rest, it seems that my family is again at a point of transition. I have been asking God, “What’s next?” My daughter is now attending a new school. We are worshipping at a new church. I didn’t want to jump into anything else new right away, particularly because I have a couple major writing projects that need my attention over the next year. Thankfully, God has clearly answered the “What’s next?” question by creating an assignment just for me.

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