Natasha’s Study: Reading Check One

Dr. Seuss on Reading

At the beginning of this year, I issued a 2015 Reading Challenge. The “Natasha’s Study” column is a space for sharing book reviews, having book discussions, and interviewing authors about their new projects. Since I am no longer attending seminary classes, it is one of my favorite posts to write each week. I love reviewing and reengaging content that I have read previously. I love hearing about what you are reading and learning.

I am still committed to finishing several books I began last year, but I have also taken this 2015 reading challenge for myself:

1 book for work

1 book for writing/teaching

1 book I want to read

1 book for learning

1 book about leadership

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Mentoring: When is a Disciple Made? And When is it Over?

I consider and write about mentoring from the perspective of intentionally making disciples of Jesus, journeying with people to train, teach, and challenge them to follow Jesus Christ. It is a mentor’s responsibility to love and pray for those God has entrusted to her care. Through love and intercession, mentors teach disciples to love and obey Christ’s commandments.

When we have a personal encounter with Christ, our lives are forever changed. Once the Holy Spirit does a work in our hearts, we are immediately welcomed into a right and pure relationship with God. We become sons and daughters, a part of God’s family. We also become priests and heirs, those who will receive all rights and privileges of being a child of the King. Yet, our salvation means that God promises to continue his great work of transforming our hearts and our will so they both align with his intended purposes. For a true disciple, this process of change is evident throughout the believer’s life.

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Leadership: Introducing CDEL


I am thrilled to have taken on the role as Assistant Director of the Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership (CDEL) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte, NC campus in October 2014. I am excited about this new opportunity and we are already progressing in our initiatives and partnerships to ensure that the vision of the center is fully realized.

CDEL is the premier center for training, coaching, and conferencing in:

  • Multi-ethnic Leadership
  • Discipleship & Spiritual Formation
  • Missional Leadership in the Marketplace

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