Book Review: A Credible Witness by @RevDocBrenda

A Credible Witness: Reflections on Power, Evangelism and Race

A Credible WitnessWhy I picked up this book:

I read this book while completing my racial reconciliation studies in seminary. I continue to reread and reference it because the book is just that good!

Who Should Read A Credible Witness:

This is a necessary read for American Christians, particularly those who are struggling to live out their faith in a culture that elevates the powerful over the powerless and the dominate over the dominated. This book can be a catalyst for important conversations that must happen in our homes and churches about race and injustice.

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Connecting Your Church with Its Community

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dana Baker for Gifted for Leadership about pastoral leadership in a city, multicultural ministries, church partnerships, and prayer.

Connect Your church with its community image

Dana Baker has had an exciting and unsuspecting journey to leadership in the church and community, and she is glad to share her experience with our readers. Dana is pastor of multicultural ministries, church partnership, and prayer at Grace Chapel, a non-denominational church in Lexington, Massachusetts. She has served on the ministry staff since October 2000, serving in urban ministry before undertaking her present staff responsibilities. In September 2005, Dana was asked to lead a new multicultural church initiative that seeks to intentionally respond to the growing multiethnic population of Grace Chapel and the New England region.

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