Book of the Week: A Call to Action

A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power

A Call to Action book coverWhy I picked up this book:

President Jimmy Carter is the author of this book, and I watched several of his promotional interviews for its release. He is a fellow Naval Academy graduate and has never been shy about his Christian faith. Due to the content his background and current work, I could hardly wait to read it.

Who Should Read A Call to Action:

This book is an important read about challenges women face all across the world, and the great work being done through The Carter Center to fill gaps and offer solutions where the challenges have gone unmet in 80 countries.

What’s in Store for You:

Through his writing, President Carter briefly shares the abuses against women, some of which result from the misreading of sacred texts like the Bible and Quran. His includes personal stories from his own life, and how his faith and convictions have grown and changed over the years. The issues raised include abortion of female fetuses (or the selective murder of girls, also known as female gendercide or femicide), rape on college campuses, wage equality, human trafficking, polygamy, genital cutting, disease and health care, sexual harassment in the military, and child marriage. He also includes sentiments about the disconnection between what people of faith claim to believe and what they actually practice, particularly when it comes to their relations with poor, women, people of color, and those who are handicapped.

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Black Christian Leaders Changing the World

My friend, Rev. Mae Elise Cannon, is senior director of advocacy and outreach for World Vision USA. She is also author of several books, including her most recent release, Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith which she co-authored with Lisa Sharon Harper, Troy Jackson, and Soong-Chan Rah.

View More: her Huffington Post Religion column this month, she is raising awareness about Black Christian Leaders who are changing the world. Her first installment included leaders: Rev. Doc. John Perkins, Lisa Sharon Harper, Rev. Leroy Barber, Dr. Christena Cleveland, and Dr. David Anderson.

This week’s installment includes: Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinners, Rev. Adam Russell Taylor, Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, Rev. Efrem Smith, Princess Kasune Zulu, and yours truly. I am humbled and honored to be in such great company!


Take this opportunity to learn about these leaders and their work!

Book of the Week: One Thousand Gifts by @AnnVoskamp

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

 One-Thousand-Gifts-book-coverWhy I picked up this book:

This book was given as a gift. I heard the author, Ann Voskamp, speak at the Festival of Faith and Writing Conference a few years ago, and have been longing to read One Thousand Gifts ever since.

Who Should Read One Thousand Gifts:

This book is a New York Times bestseller. It seems like almost everybody has already read it…many of them before me. As I completed my seminary studies, One Thousand Gifts patiently waited on my shelf along so many other classics. I finally picked it up to prepare my heart during the Season of Advent. It was an encouraging reminder to remain grateful, even in the small things. This is a reminder that you and I need now and always. Read this book and count all the ways you have to commune with God, experience His presence, and be grateful.

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