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I cannot believe that the month of May will be upon us before we know it. May marks the end of April showers (or tornadoes in many places) and the beginning of a wonderful season filled with sunshine and flowers. May also brings Mother’s Day and Memorial Day (a welcomed day off from work for some). For many others, May introduces a season of celebration and anticipation. Graduation closes the door on the previous place called home, as high school students head off to college or the military and college students embrace new paths in life.

Are you anxiously looking for words of wisdom for your graduate?

My good friend, Judy Douglass, has crafted a wonderfully smart gift book. In Secrets of Success: God’s Lifelines, she reminds the reader that success is often a result of personal choices and the Bible reveals God’s best desires for our lives.

I love this book! I read through it in approximately 20 minutes, but it includes short pearls of wisdom and scriptures that we should all constantly revisit.

Here are a few of them:

1. Consistent success in life requires consistent hard work. Although hard work is not the only secret of success, the lack of hard work almost always guarantees failure (13).

2. As great as it is to be financially successful or to achieve your goals, it is far more valuable to have a good reputation and earn the trust and respect of people. If that is to happen, you must show honesty and integrity (37).

3. Without self-control, you will not be able to make the hard choices for a positive future (25).

4. The Bible instructs you to take responsibility for what you do or don’t do (11).

5. Dreams rarely come true if you don’t plan to make them happen (18).

Send me a quick note about your graduate by Friday, April 29th for a chance to WIN a FREE copy. I will announce the winner this weekend.

Order a copy here:

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What’s the best advice that you ever received as a young person?

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2 thoughts on “Natasha’s Study: Secrets of Success

  1. I know the perfect person that would love this book and would really use it. I have a friend who is presently homeless. She has been living from hotel to hotel for two months now and her daughter graduates high school here in Suffolk, VA in 5 weeks. Even while her family of four is without a home and her mother is struggling to make ends meet, this young girl is doing amazing in school. Her presence and her manner of handling adversity is astonishing. Just a beautiful girl. She is a track star and going to Howard University in D.C. in the fall. Her mother is so proud. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. The young woman’s name is Moriah Evans.

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