“Christians Celebrating Black History” Series Summary

It’s been an honor to share from an African American perspective and encourage racial reconciliation through open dialog concerning race, ethnic, and cultural differences this month. I trust we will continue the conversation and champion the unity of all God’s people for the sake of his kingdom and to advance his great purposes throughout the world. To Him be all glory.


Book of the Month: Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical’s Inside View of White Christianity by Edward Gilbreath

What is racial reconciliation anyway? And why does it give some people the blues?

America’s Race Issue & Compliance of the American Church

Racial Reconciliation and Evangelistic Points to Ponder

Author Interview: Remembering Birmingham: Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter to America – 50 Years Later

Racial Reconciliation Discussion with Moody’s Midday Connection:

Radio Spot #1: Moody’s Midday ConnectionRace Conversation

Radio Spot #2: Moody’s Midday ConnectionRacial Reconciliation

Part 1: Why Pursue Racial Reconciliation or Have the Race Conversation?

Part 2: The Politics of It All

Part 3: Why Don’t We Want to Talk About Race in the Church?

Black Heroes and Servant Leaders: Guest Posts from Ben Lichtenwalner

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Frederick Douglass

Sojourner Truth

Please visit Ben’s Modern Servant Leadership blog to read the other stories of Black Servant Leaders.

Coffee Talk:

Black Women We Should Be Talking About: Betty Shabazz & Coretta Scott King

Encourage Yourself

Coffee Chat w/ Christena Cleveland: Reconciling Black Women and Their Hair

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